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Med-Sure Services was formed in 1987 with an initial focus on claims administration for one dedicated insurer based in Thailand. During the 1990s, the company experienced considerable growth as it expanded its services to the corporate marketplace.
This has allowed us to expand our focus and to be:

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At Med-Sure Services, we specialise in offering professional health insurance management and administration services. Our current clients include both non-life insurers, large corporations and conglomerates, all of whom seeking efficient, reliable and personalised support for their policyholders and staff. Our extensive local medical knowledge means that we are perfectly positioned to offer advice on elective and specialist medical treatments, including the containment of potentially spiralling costs.

Med-Sure Services has a state-of-the-art claims processing system that includes auto-adjudication, although we appreciate that all claims are different; therefore, the final decision is always made by a human.

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of our clients, and every member of our team appreciates this.Our service is available for individual and group insurance products. Our primary focus is, of course, on patient care and obtaining competitive prices while working within the variety of constraints that could be presented including policy terms and conditions, the patient’s current and any pre-existing health conditions and perhaps most commonly, the budget.

We are vastly experienced in our field and understand the importance and complexity of the relationships that our clients form with consultants. Our team take the time to listen to the needs and ideas of our partners. As a result, our service is constantly evolving and being streamlined to provide the ultimate level of service. We believe in embracing new technology and methods as well as respecting old-fashioned values to best meet the needs of our clients.

Over the years, we have established a proven track record when it comes to managing profitable business on behalf of our partners. We have an established profit-sharing scheme that reflects our confidence in the professional and successful partnerships that we have forged over the last four decades.

The most valuable assets in any business are the employees. However, attracting and retaining the best in the business is challenging, but a quality employee benefits programme makes your team feel valued and recognised for their efforts. In turn, you are rewarded with loyalty. Still, the costs associated with running a competitive or best-in-class employee benefits programme can become a large burden on the business if it is not adequately managed and controlled.

We appreciate that all businesses operate within tighter margins than perhaps ever before, and directing financial resources into the correct areas is vital. Efficient budgeting is essential, and at Med-Sure, we understand that you want benefits that reward employees while being at an affordable and realistic price for the employer.

Activities & Services

Med-Sure Services are a leading provider of strategic and administrative support for larger organisations managing their own employee benefits schemes. We offer a “complete” employee benefits management service for self-funded employer schemes. We have vast experience within the industry, having been successfully fulfilling this void for over 25 years and as a result, know exactly what our clients demand.

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer far more than merely handling and processing claims. We offer our clients genuine solutions, driving down medical costs by providing a professional service rather than a low cost, quick fix.

We source companies that adopt a holistic approach to their employee benefits, ensuring that financial resources are effectively utilised. It means that employees get a better standard of cover, therefore, protecting their welfare while at the same time looking after the company’s financial interests.

Our services include

Corporate Employee Benefits

Our experience tells us that the designing and implementation of employee benefits packages is an ongoing and evolving process.  It will need to meet the continually changing needs of your organisation, adjust to market conditions as well as meeting the latest legislative requirements.  Any employee benefits plan is complex and needs to be perceived as being fair both by the employee and the employer.  Indeed, deciding the level of benefits and remuneration offered is a challenge on its own.  Our role is to provide you with all the data your need to make informed decisions.

Managing your employee benefits plan includes claims administration, helping with regulatory compliance, educating your workforce and the need to provide constant information to employers, divisional managers, unit managers, departmental manager and employees.

At Med-Sure, we offer far more than mere transactional function, the role that many of our competitors offer. We focus on the overall administration of your plan.  Our role is to ensure that it meets the needs of your employees while guaranteeing that costs don’t spiral out of control.  To effectively achieve this, you need a highly-skilled and dedicated support team, and this is what Med-Sure offers.  We fulfil this by:

  • Having a software system that was developed in-house so delivers the right information for clients. It is flexible and can be adapted to meet your specific needs which you deem to be relevant to your plan.
  • We employ a team of fully trained analysts and medical professionals who handle all claims and queries from both employer and employees. Our dedicated team can resolve most issues on the first call.
  • Med-Sure has adopted a policy of selecting small teams which are specifically dedicated to your plan as opposed to more traditional “assembly-line”. Of course, performance and quality is constantly monitored with audits and productivity reports.
  • In the cases where complex adjudication is required, this is conducted by a separate department staffed by medical professionals.

We appreciate that emergencies don’t necessarily occur within office hours, so we have an emergency hotline number which is handled by bilingual medical professionals ready to handle your situation.

Medical costs can quickly mount up if they aren’t correctly monitored. We provide our clients with comprehensive reports that will enable informed decisions to be made, such as costs by department, cost centre or location. Should you require any bespoke reports, our software will almost certainly be capable of producing it.

Our team of data analysts continually measure the performance of the plan of your behalf. We will actively assess the efficiency of providers and produce any other performance indicators/reports that you may require.

Managing prescription benefits includes claims processing, allowing you to provide convenient and efficient services to your staff.  For example, the introduction of a pharmacy benefit can have significant savings in the treatment for routine coughs, colds and other common ailments, thus avoiding the need for costly hospital visits.

Through our years of experience within the industry, we have an established network of around 500 hospitals and clinics which are strategically located throughout Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar.  By simply selecting the right hospital, you could make significant savings, while your employees are still able to access the best health care providers.

Stop-loss insurance covers you for medical expenses that are above a certain threshold and is designed to cover extraordinary or catastrophic events.  As a general rule, routine medical expenses are still relatively inexpensive in Southeast Asia; however, severe or long-term illness cost can quickly escalate meaning that a significant sum is required.  Stop-loss insurance is designed to cover these eventualities.

For your added security and protection of your employees, Med-Sure will open a bank “in trust” on your behalf.  The account will be replenished as when required to ensure that there are sufficient funds to pay any outstanding or pending claims. Transparency is essential, so if there is any movement within the account, designated members of staff will be informed. No fees are deducted for the TPA services until the costs agreed have been signed off for payment.

Naturally, Med-Sure will prepare all the necessary supporting documentation, including membership handbook and ID Medical Cards for your employees. We will work closely with your team to ensure that all information is up-to-date.

Routine claims are usually very straightforward; however; this is rarely the case with serious or long-term illnesses.  Med-Sure have a dedicated team to handle such claims on your behalf and comprises of medical personnel with a higher level of clinical expertise.  The team also covers outpatient therapies such as dialysis, chemotherapy, pain management and speech and physical therapy.

The tangible benefits of this form of case management include:

  • Empowering the physician with more information – thereby enhancing their ability to make choices concerning medical interventions. This may be based on cost-effectiveness and cost availability information provided by the care manager.
  • Improvement in management’s ability to assess the cause of adverse outcomes and inefficient processes, and the degree to which treatments, devices, procedures and interventions are comparatively ineffective
  • Identification and possible elimination of health care delivery service excesses through claims data analysis
  • Reduction of readmissions, prolonged length of stays, repeat surgery and other costs of corrections, general over treatment and over medication
  • Access to a 24/7 Nurse Line, potentially keeping patients accessing the right care at the right time (optional)
  • Enhancement of clinical quality through continuous management of process variation, feedback, group process, ownership and delivery system coordination
  • Where appropriate, assistance in the development of policy wording and regulatory approvals

Intangible benefits of case management include:

  • Improvement in reporting of credible performance measures
  • Improving patients’ healthcare understanding
  • Improvement in client and patient service as well as overall satisfaction. The objective is that this will lead to new and retained clients and contracts
  • Flexibility in the design of patient services to encompass customer demands

Some companies generously offer to extend some or all of their employee health benefits to immediate family and dependents. However, you may be surprised to learn that independent membership audits often reveal that up to 10 percent of these enrolments do not meet a plan’s eligibility criteria.

Sadly, there will always be those that abuse and manipulate the system for their own gain at the detriment of the company. Med-Sure continuously monitor claims to check for blatant inappropriate use, and this is done by checking for:

  • Inappropriate use of ICD-10 codes for procedures undertaken
  • The frequency of OPD visits
  • Any potential cosmetic procedures
  • Elective procedures the employee is not entitled to
  • Investigational/Experimental procedures and treatment that hasn’t be authorised
  • Surgical assistant procedures and treatment

How do you manage your employee benefits plan?

There are two relatively straightforward methods that you can adopt to manage your employee benefits plan effectively. These are:

Select a Third Party Administrator (TPA)

Selecting an experienced and professional TPA such as Med-Sure Services is one of the most effective ways of ensuring the success of your package. We have access to an extensive range of services which are not available elsewhere. This includes our knowledge of the health care networks in Southeast Asia, our expertise as well as our experience in designing bespoke plans to suit your needs.

Have an effective benefits plan

We will work closely with you to develop a plan that rewards your employees and meets their healthcare needs while also proving to be cost-effective for your business.

Insurance Companies

Med-Sure Services provide an outsourcing service to insurance companies looking to streamline their medical claims administration. Our extensive knowledge and experience within the industry means that we offer a consistently high level of service to you and your clients.
We understand the health insurance industry and fully appreciate how complex it can be. We also acknowledge that it is highly competitive, and you will be focused on reducing administration costs and improving clinical outcomes. Any savings can be passed on to your clients. Med-Sure Services provides solutions. Once implemented, the benefits, both tangible and intangible, will increase your competitiveness, satisfying your policyholders.

The cost benefits of case management are well documented. In today’s cost-conscious health care environment, case management must prove its economic value and its impact on clinical outcomes.

Med-Sure Claims


At Med-Sure Services, medical benefits administration is our business. From enrolment assistance to expert claims administration, no other benefits administrator does more to help your health care benefit money go further. Med-Sure uses in-house-developed administration software and systems to manage self-funded health benefit programmes, in addition to other benefit plans. 

With customer service professionals at hand, comprehensive reporting capabilities, our clients, members and providers get the help and information needed to make timely, informed decisions.Many companies seem content to sit by passively as the costs of their employee benefits plans continue to rise unabated. In our view there is a very real difference between mere claims processing and effective group health plan administration. Some insurers relegate claims processing to a mere transactional function with little or no analysis or management reporting.Insurers often take the path of least resistance in relation to “small” claims. Take, for example, the following common ailments:

  • Diarrhea
  • Sore throat (pharyngitis)
  • Common Cold
  • Bronchitis

In the vast majority of circumstances these conditions do not require a visit to the doctor as they are either self-limiting or can be treated at home with over the counter medicines such as paracetamol, aspirin or ibuprofen.

Moreover, education is required to explain why, by getting admitted to a hospital they are potentially exposing themselves to health risks that pose a far greater risk to their health than any of the conditions mentioned above.

We provide regular management reports to ensure costs can be carefully monitored:

  • Top OPD conditions
  • Top claimants
  • Hospitals
  • Costs

Med-Sure Services know that dealing with healthcare issues can be stressful for employees and their families. That’s why we have friendly and supportive people answering calls. Our bilingual customer service representatives are dedicated to each client. That means representatives are knowledgeable about your individual health plan, and can give accurate, timely, and personalized information. We track performance standards, and quarterly reports are always available to our clients.


Frequently Asked Questions

Self-funded and managed health insurance schemes are particularly relevant for larger companies looking to take greater control of their employee benefits programmes. Self-funding, also known as self-insurance, helps these types of organisation save of both predictable and unpredictable health care costs. Many direct costs which are often included in insurance premiums are avoided.

The two main benefits of this type of scheme are that you have greater control of your health care plans and the associated benefits. Secondly, it can improve cash flow with the capital in the insurance fund being accessible if not required for current or existing claims along with premiums being much lower.

Med-Sure conducts regular meetings with clients and advisors to ensure that appropriate levels of cover are offered and that our service meets and surpasses the required standard.  Our main objective is to improve communication to ensure you have the right levels of cover and increased client satisfaction.

Many self-funded employers take out stop-loss insurance which offers protection against catastrophic losses.  The premiums are typically much lower than with conventional medical plans.

You may wish to obtain stop-loss coverage through an insurance carrier.  You can purchase specific stop-loss coverage which protects against catastrophic claims submitted by an individual, in addition to an aggregate stop-loss insurance, which limits the annual spend for claims submitted against your self-funded plan. Annual deductibles are established for both specific and aggregate stop-losses. Once these deductibles are met, the reinsurance carrier refunds the money back to your plan for any future claims submitted within the plan year.

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Med-Sure Services realizes that the trust of our clients is our most valuable asset. We recognize that clients expect a high level of privacy and security for their personal information and will keep such information confidential. We therefore inform you of our policy on Protection of Personal Data of our clients or any persons having visited our websites as specified below.

Visiting the Med-Sure Services Website
Clients or any persons may visit the Med-Sure Services website to search for information relating to activities and services; and also to find out information relating to the Med-Sure Services third party administration services as published on our website.

Med-Sure Services may update its website from time to time and may collect information on website visits, such as the numbers of website visitors; the date, time and duration of such visits; pages viewed; and others. Med-Sure Services may use such information for the development and improvement of Med-Sure Services in order to better serve your requirements.

Respect for the Clients’ Right to Privacy
Med-Sure Services fully understands that the clients expect security and safekeeping of personal information. Clients’ information received by Med-Sure Services will thus be used for the legitimate business purposes of the Med-Sure Services, and Med-Sure Services will deploy strict measures of security safeguards and will prevent unauthorized use of your information without the clients’ prior consent.

Collection and Safekeeping of Personal Data
Med-Sure Services will collect and retain your information as necessary, depending on type of services utilized by you via the Med-Sure website and only use your information as necessary and appropriate or as deemed beneficial to you for the purpose of receiving offers on various services of Med-Sure Services, and Med-Sure Services may send to you information, services and special proposals of or from Med-Sure Services, in order to serve your needs and provide you with best services. For you to be provided with better services, Med-Sure Services will collect and use your information to record or to comply with the relevant laws and regulations.

Med-Sure Services will collect your personal information received from an application form or registration via the Med-Sure Services website e.g. name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, and details of request for which Med-Sure Services will keep confidential such personal information in compliance with Med-Sure Services highest security standard.

Med-Sure Services has no policy to send SMS or e-mail to request any of your personal information from you. If you have received SMS or e-mail to that effect, please contact Med-Sure Services Manager at Phone number (66) 2401-9160, Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm.

Disclosure to Third Party
Med-Sure Services will not disclose information concerning any personally identifiable information to any person and will prevent the unauthorized use of your information, except in the case where:

  • your consent has been obtained.
  • such disclosure is to enable you to make any transaction intended.
  • information is disclosed to the National Credit Bureau or any other similar agency to which Med-Sure has responsibility to disclose such information.
  • such disclosure is in accordance with the laws or orders of the relevant government agencies.

Measures for Safekeeping of Information
Med-Sure Services employs the high standard security measure both in terms of technology and procedures to prevent stealing of confidential information. Med-Sure has made a significant investment in terms of money, time and human resources to ensure that the Med-Sure website meets the high security standard. To ensure the security of your information, Med-Sure has installed our computer system with the following features:

  • Firewall
    Double Firewall Protection has been utilized to protect Med-Sure Services systems as well as your information from access to the system or information by unauthorized persons.
  • Intrusion Detection
    Intrusion detection software is installed to enable Med-Sure Services to examine any suspicious activity and be immediately alerted of any intrusion.
  • Virus Scanning
    Virus Scanning Software has been installed on Med-Sure Services system to efficiently protect our system from virus, and such Virus Scanning Software has been regularly updated.

Even though Med-Sure Services has high standard of technology and security measures to help prevent access to your personal information, you still have to safekeep your personal data by complying with the recommendations on the security of personal data.

Ensuring the Accuracy of Information
Med-Sure Services has made its best efforts to ensure that the information is always true and accurate. In case you found that any information on Med-Sure Services website that is not complete or incorrect, please contact Med-Sure Services via Phone or an email.